Sonlit Nursery

Quality Potted Blueberry Plants

All our varieties are the Rabbiteye type, ideal for growing in the Southeastern United States.  Colorful fall foliage through mid to late November!
Listed in the order of ripening:
  • Premier--earliest ripening of the varieties we grow; slightly spreading growing habit.
  • Climax--excellent flavor; very sweet when fully ripe.  Bushier plant habit.
  • Brightwell--tends to produce large clusters of berries that are easy to harvest.
  • Tifblue--standard heavy producer with good berry size.
  • Centurion--amazing sweet flavor with a thicker skin which is more resistant to pests.  Smaller berry.  

We sell 2 year plants in trade gallon (3 quart pots).  
  • 1-49 plants: $7 each
  • 50-99 plants: $6 each
  • 100-249 plants: $5.75 each
  • 250-499 plants: $5.50 each
  • 500-999 plants: 5.25 each
  • 1,000 + plants: $5.00 each


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Iron City, TN 38463

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