Spring Planting Has Begun!

Can you believe February is here? Guess what that means at Sonlit Meadows Farm? Spring planting has begun! Hundreds of baby plants are breaking through the soil and reaching for the light! Anyone hungry for lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots…?


One of our main winter projects has been installing a REAL deer fence. This last summer and winter our resident herds of deer seem to have decided that our garden is the perfect buffet! They even tore holes in netting and row cover to munch on our veggies! We’ve tried deer netting, electric fences of different descriptions and more but the deer don’t seem to be phased! All the wooden posts are in the ground and soon the 8 foot field fencing will be installed! We are so relieved and thankful that a solution is in the works.

We had an adventure with the cold blast that came our way at the end of the year–the temperature dropped from the 50’s F down to -4 degrees in just a few hours! The windchill was about -20! Some of our cool weather crops appeared to have taken a hard hit! We are thankful that garlic is growing beautifully now and many of the cool flowers that seemed to have died are sending up new leaves again! It’s amazing what life can be hidden under a black and wilted clump of leaves! The best part was the fun we had on our frozen pond Christmas day!


The big highlight of our winter–the AdAgrA conference in Texas–sent us home with spring fever! We think that’s a pretty good bug to catch from other farmers and gardeners:) We learned a lot and enjoyed the chance to see old friends and make new ones!

It won’t be long till spring really arrives and we are looking forward to seeing our farm friends again soon!