Sounds of progress... (I do get tired of them sometimes!)

Clang, clang, clang...

Sizzle, crackle, sizzle!




Tink, tink, tinkle...

Can you guess what some of these sounds are that I'm describing? There are so many activities happening around the farm these (almost) spring days and I almost always hear one or more of these during work time on the farm!

Mark and Isaac are nearing the completion of a big planter modification--and that means the frequent whirr of griding, sizzles of welding, and clangs of hammering!

Spring carrots are up--and this was dependent upon the hum of sprinklers kept running as as needed to keep the surface of the ground from drying out (that would kill the crop).

I'm always glad to hear the whirr of the circular saw and bang of the hammer coming from the new cooler--crops will be coming in before we know it and we need a cold place for them to go!

While organizing our seeds with a new system using little plastic containers I heard lots of tink, tink, tinkle sounds as the seeds poured in!

It's been good to hear so many sounds of progress.

But there are some other sounds I've have been soaking in...the rustling of the wind, the melody of birds each morning, spring peepers singing with all their might, rain falling, thunder rolling...these are restorative sounds that contrast sharply with man-made sounds which, to be honest, I eventually do get tired of!

God knew just what He was doing...

Other progress happens silently--like these little plants emerging from their seeds...

...and strawberry flowers unfurling their petals--

Spring is absolutely my favorite time of year. I even keep track of the dates of many of my first vernal sightings. Anyone else resonate?

Until next time (and after lots more spring flower hunting!),

Your farmer,


P.S. If you're wondering what a spring peeper is, they are adorable tiny tree frogs and one of the first signs of spring. I wish I could include the photo of one singing as it sat on Mark's finger!