Is the drought over?? (We still need more rain...)

What a picture-perfect day! Aren’t you looking forward to some gorgeous weather ahead? But, to tell you the truth, we are thankful for every rainy day we’ve had lately!

But why would that be?? Haven’t we had enough dreary weather?

According the the U.S. Drought Monitor last week, our farm is still suffering from drought after a very dry autumn last year. It takes sufficient rain to replenish the ground water supply which has obviously been running lower than usual—evidenced by Last Butler Creek which goes through our farm; most of the winter it’s been looking more like its normal height in summer!

So seeing more water running down the little branches that meander down our hollows and a full creek has been something to be very thankful for!

Here you can see the latest map from the U.S. Drought Monitor—but this is much improved from three weeks ago (Mark says we were in severe drought)! I'm looking forward to seeing this week's report after the last rainy days...

Other farm happenings:

  • Housing is almost ready for our newest pest control—Purple Martins! Hoping it meets their specifications!
  • Spring carrots are planted in the hoop house along with cover crop which we plan to use as a ground cover under the tomatoes
  • Beets are in the germination chamber and soon to emerge!
  • Hundreds of spring little flower plants have made their debut.
  • The garlic crop is taking off!
  • It's only about two weeks till we start protecting the strawberry blossoms from it really that time already??!

Until next time,

Your Farmer,


P.S. This week I've been busy on exciting project that I hope to tell you about very soon! Keep your eyes peeled!