From Our Farm to Your Table
Near Collinwood, TN

Looking for something better…

… than produce that is flavorless, low in nutrition, laden with pesticides, and finds its final destination on your plate after potentially traveling for weeks over thousands of miles?  Are you wishing for connection with the farmers who grow your food?

Sonlit Meadows Farm is committed to growing produce that is delicious, nutritious, and safe, using practices that are healthy for people and the land. 

We want to share with you the bounty that feeds our own family!  

You don't need to miss out!

Choose your veggies and flowers from our stand!

Pre-order just what you need each week for easy pickup! (Store opens in Spring) 

Get a weekly box of produce or fresh bouquet all season selected by your farmers!

Food and flowers from farmers you trust, grown with love!

We do not use synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or GMOs.

We focus on adding organic matter through cover cropping, supplying our plants with the elements they need to produce nutrient-dense, safe food.

"Produce is beautiful; thank you for your dedication to farming. We couldn’t do what we do without you guys!"

— Josh Quick, Chef at Odette Florence, AL

"Your produce is always amazing! Thank you so much!"

— Allison M.

“My CSA box feels like a present to myself every week.  The freshness and quality is always reliable and delicious. It’s a privilege to receive food from your farm.”--Sarah H.
— Sarah H.

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8766 Last Butler Road

Iron City, TN 38463